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The Republican Party is about to betray Christians and destroy the traditional family

Stop The Federal Government From Forcing Homosexual ‘Marriage’ On The States! Tell Your Senators To Vote NO.

(LifeSiteNews) – It’s one of the worst betrayals conservatives have ever suffered at the hands of the Republican Party.

On Tuesday, the House passed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act with a stunning 47 Republican votes and the blessing of GOP House leaders, and the bill is now rapidly gaining traction with Republicans in the Senate, shocking even Democrats and the liberal media.

The Respect for Marriage Act would enshrine same-sex “marriage” into federal law, override duly enacted laws and constitutional amendments in 35 states, require the federal government to recognize polygamy or any other redefinition of marriage that a state may come up with, and open the door to a wide range of new threats to religious freedom.

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The bill, largely intended as a Democratic messaging stunt before the midterms, is nothing less than a declaration of war on the family and Christians and a gift to the radical LGBT movement and Democrats’ far-left base.

Conservatives could naturally expect that the representatives they elected to defend their values against just this kind of attack would reject the woke Respect for Marriage Act out of hand.

But as of Monday, five Republican senators (Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Rob Portman of Ohio, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin) have indicated that they will support the bill when it comes before the Senate, already giving Democrats half of the GOP votes they need to get it to Joe Biden’s desk and hand him his first major legislative victory on LGBT issues.

And Republican Senate leaders have made clear that they currently have no plans to oppose the bill.

“I’m going to delay announcing anything on that issue until we see what the majority leader wants to put on the floor,” Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday.

Sen. John Thune, the Republican Senate whip, added that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the bill gets significant bipartisan support in the Senate, and later said that Republican leadership probably won’t urge members to vote against it.

“My guess is on something like that, it’s probably a vote of conscience,” he said.

Sen. Roy Blunt, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, suggested that he may even be a “yes” vote. “I don’t have any problem with same-sex marriage,” he told CNN, adding that he would “look at” the bill.

Republicans sacrifice Christians to the LGBT mob

Many of the same Republicans who immediately surrendered on the Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) previously had no problem running on Christian values when it boosted their political careers.

Thune, for example, made opposition to same-sex “marriage” a central plank of his successful bid to oust Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle, warning at the time that “the institution of marriage is under attack from extremist groups.”

That’s still true today, and while national Republicans may insist that the debate on same-sex “marriage” is “settled,” at least half of Republican voters still opposite it, as do three-quarters of the White evangelical Christians who dominate the GOP’s base. For many of them, as for conservative Catholics, the issue is absolutely non-negotiable.

Homosexuality remains impossibly at odds with Christianity: Sacred Scripture unequivocally condemns homosexual behavior, and Jesus Himself defines marriage precisely as between one man and one woman for life. For Catholics, Church teaching on homosexuality is unchanged and unchangeable, declaring sodomy “gravely contrary to chastity” and the natural law, as it has for millennia.

Not only does the Respect for Marriage Act violate fundamental principles of millions of Christians on whom the Republican Party depends, it likely exposes those same Christians – the most reliable Republican voters in the country – to new threats from anti-Christian federal bureaucrats, including lost tax exempt status for churches that adhere to biblical marriage.

As Wisconsin Family Action president Julaine Appling warns, the bill “lays a foundation for the IRS or other federal agencies to strip tax-exempt status from religious non-profits that do not affirm same-sex marriage. If RMA is passed, it would represent a clear statement that Congress believes opposition to same-sex marriage is against public policy,” criteria that the Supreme Court has used to determine whether an organization’s tax exemption can be denied.

“That could allow the IRS to point to the RMA, to Supreme Court cases recognizing same-sex marriage, and to numerous administrative actions from the Biden Administration (and the Obama Administration before it) as evidence that all three branches of the federal government uniformly believe that everyone—both government entities and private individuals and organizations—should recognize same-sex marriages,” she said. “The IRS could argue that an organization that fails to do so should not be tax-exempt, which presumably would or could include churches.”

Fueling the radical LGBT agenda

The terrible effects of mutilating marriage and the family, particularly for children, also haven’t gone away, no matter how badly Republicans leaders want to ignore them.

Research shows that children raised in same-sex households are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior and drug use, and that girls raised without a father are at greater risk of teen pregnancy and even tend to go through puberty earlier.

Children of sperm donors, meanwhile, “are significantly more likely than those raised by their biological parents to struggle with serious, negative outcomes such as delinquency, substance abuse, and depression, even when controlling for socio-economic and other factors,” a 2010 report found.

The recent controversy surrounding talk show host Dave Rubin and his surrogate children exemplifies the tragedy of same-sex “marriage” and parenting.

Rubin, a prominent homosexual “conservative,” revealed in March that he and his “husband” ordered the creation of two babies using donor eggs and rented wombs. Conceived through in-vitro fertilization, which often involves destroying unused embryos, Rubin’s procured children will never know their own mother or the love that only she can give them.

Rubin’s situation goes well beyond LGBT indoctrination in schools, an issue widely opposed by Republicans: His surrogate kids will be steeped in the homosexual agenda from birth – if they’re even allowed to live at all. In his latest book, Rubin acknowledged that he would abort the babies if they were found to suffer from serious disabilities.

This grotesque mockery of a family is exactly the exactly kind of arrangement Republicans would codify protections for in federal law by passing the Respect for Marriage Act.

And it only gets worse from there. It may seem that polygamy (not just two, but four “husbands” raising a child, for example) is a distant threat to the family, but it isn’t. New polling shows that 23 percent of Americans now support the practice, and multiple towns in Massachusetts have already legalized polyamorous partnerships. Statewide approval in post-Christian Democratic bastions could well be a year or two down the line. 

If or when that happens, the Respect for Marriage Act would require the federal government to recognize these “marriages” just as it would a sacred union between a man and a woman. 

“For the purposes of any Federal law, rule, or regulation in which marital status is a factor,” the bill states, “an individual shall be considered married if that individual’s marriage is valid in the State where the marriage was entered into,” omitting language used elsewhere in the bill that would limit civil marriages to “2 individuals.”

The LGBT movement will no doubt come up with even more radical attacks on the family and sexuality in the coming years. Since Obergefell, homosexual and transgender activists have increasingly promoted previously unthinkable causes, as LifeSite has chronicled. 

In recent months, pro-LGBT groups have successfully lobbied Illinois and New Jersey to legalize the intentional spread of HIV and have pushed to get hundreds of male convicts moved into prisons with vulnerable women, even amid reported rapes, under the guise of “transgender rights.” 

Graphic LGBT-themed sex ed is now mandatory in blue state classrooms. “Drag Queen Story Hour” is taxpayer-funded. The campaign to “de-stigmatize” pedophilia, spearheaded by LGBT activists, is also underway. This year, Johns Hopkins University hired transgender professor and leading pedophilia apologist Dr. Allyn Walker as a postdoctoral fellow… at its child abuse prevention center.

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Expect more of all of this and other insanity you couldn’t possibly have imagined from an LGBT movement emboldened by the seismic victory that passage of the Respect for Marriage Act would mean, gifted to them by the Republican Party at the expense of its own base.

National Republicans may be scared about going on the record in favor of traditional marriage so close to the midterms.

But if they’re unwilling to defend our core values against the LGBT mob, we should never trust them again.

Stop The Federal Government From Forcing Homosexual ‘Marriage’ On The States! Tell Your Senators To Vote NO.

Raymond Wolfe is a faithful Catholic journalist and editor at LifeSiteNews and is happily married. He formerly worked with the Center for Family and Human Rights.


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