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‘Social Credit is coming and it’s all part of The Great Reset plan’ – The Expose

The present digital social credit score is the modern version of the ancient Sinic dangan, a despotic life time social control tool whereby one’s betters collect information meant to be assessed invidiously & make judgments meant to be generally adverse. In late nineteenth century America the figures behind Fabian progressive education & proletarianization of employment adopted the dangan idea; it is the source of the allegedly mythic “permanent record” whereof kindergarteners are warned the first day. It is solidly real, no legend. In the early years of the millennium in America bank card issuers created a tool to keep financial service & product users defencive; they call it universal default. It resembles the dangan by having one’s financial credit score settled via the most hostile reading of one’s utility bill paying, parking & traffic tickets, departures from usual employment of checks for cash, arbitrarily determined OVER saving, subjectively judged job changes, over economizing by abruptly & conspicuously ending certain spending objects–a presumed dereliction of consumer duty–& any thing else they concoct. Perfectly innocuous, even meritorious productive people are means to corporate ends.

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