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CCVAC Doctors Say Stop the Covid Injections for Ages 5-to-11s And They’re Taking the UK Government to Task – The Expose

In an unprecedented move, members of the British medical establishment, convened by the Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council (“CCVAC”), are launching a legal challenge against the UK government’s ‘offer’ of a covid ‘vaccine’ to healthy 5-to-11-year-olds, on behalf of a British mother and her children.

“There is an emergency, but it’s not from a virus. It’s from this negligent policy,” CCVAC states.  In the absence of an independent critical media or political opposition on this issue, the group says this is the only opportunity there will be to force the Government to account for its decision.

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CCVAC is an independent group of senior health professionals and scientists aiming to challenge unethical Government policies on Covid injections for children – and employs the same legal team, Jackson Osborne, challenging the Government on the 12-15 year-old rollout.  Jackson Osborne has also represented a group of NHS workers who launched a legal campaign against the Government to overturn the vaccine mandate for NHS workers at the end of January.

Dr Rosamond Jones, a retired consultant paediatrician, is the convener of CCAG and a member of CCVAC. In the video below Dr. Jones explains why CCVAC is bringing a legal challenge against the UK government’s 5-11 years vaccination policy and how you can help.

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Click on the image below to watch the video on CCVAC’s website.

A Message from Dr. Ros Jones

The government has recently begun to climb down on many covid policies as the evidence becomes too obvious to ignore, but it is stubbornly pushing ahead with the least logical, most reckless policy of all – experimental pharmaceutical interventions on our children.

The legal team will dismantle this grossly irresponsible policy, piece by piece, and show:

  • Information is being hidden from the public.
  • There is no benefit to children or anyone else.
  • Adverse reactions are likely in the hundreds of thousands.
  • There is a demonstrable risk of life-changing injury.
  • In a full roll-out, some deaths are to be expected.

The complete lack of any risk-benefit case for children is set out in a letter that has been sent to the government, with two ‘must-read’ annexes that list the facts and evidence in support:

Without the funds to bring this case, officials will get off unchallenged and we will have set a dangerous precedent for healthcare policy in this country.  You can support CCVAC’s legal action HERE.

As with all those who stand up for what is right and good, CCVAC is experiencing restrictions on their rights and freedoms by the censorship organisations. We have provided links where you can follow them at the end of this article.

Contacts and resources:

CCVAC Doctors Say Stop the Covid Injections for Ages 5-to-11s And They’re Taking the UK Government to Task

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