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Anti-TikTok RESTRICT Act could actually imprison Americans for criticizing GMOs – NaturalNews.com

The US government spying on US citizens took a stranglehold after the terrorist-style demolition of 3 skyscraper buildings in New York City in September, 2001. The name of the spying apparatus was ironically called the “Patriot Act,” because it was about spying on American patriots (every American who cares about the country).

Several years later, Ed Snowden revealed PRISM, the complex spying apparatus that intertwined social media, phone calls, emails, and video conferencing so that the NSA could record, track, compile, and analyze data from any and every American at will, for political gain and blackmailing leverage against political foes.

Next comes the RESTRICT Act, properly named, as it will restrict any American from ever criticizing or questioning Big Government or Big Pharma again, or face decades in prison and complete bankruptcy.

Surveillance and censorship based on so-called “election interference” means the Democrats can cheat every election from now until doomsday, without question

The Democrats questioned the election of Donald Trump for four years, saying he cheated his way into office and the Russians helped him do it. Every TV news station, newspaper, and Leftist website screamed those headlines at least a few thousand times each in just four years. “Russia collusion” was the biggest hoax of our time, but then came the gain-of-function Fauci SCAMDEMIC. If this new RESTRICT Act passes, in retrospect, nearly every Democrat politician, voter, and news journalist should be arrested, imprisoned, and fined for saying the words “Russia collusion” and “Trump-Russia collusion” a million times.

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What we are seeing is a big head fake about banning TikTok, while the communist-controlled Democrats and Big Tech aim to censor every Conservative in America forever, so nobody can ever question the rigged elections or the plandemics that are coming next.

Banning TikTok while allowing Beijing Biden to run America is like banning bullet sales to Ukraine while Biden gives our tanks, missiles, and nuclear warheads to them. Now suddenly, because the Democrats “won” (illegally) control of Washington DC and the military, no American is ever allowed to question government corruption again.

As worded in the RESTRICT Act, “Interfering in, or altering the result or reported result of a Federal election, as determined in coordination with the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Treasury, and the Federal Election Commission; …” – meaning the so-called “reported result” is automatically official immediately, when CNN, ABC, NBC, CNBC, CBS, and the Associated Press declare it, is a narrative that, if questioned, results in 20 years in federal prison and total bankruptcy through heavy fines.

So if the Biden Regime and CCP decide they simply don’t like your opinion on anything, from elections to vaccines, you are a dissident and domestic terrorist, and most likely your organs will be harvested while you rot in prison for years, and then you’ll be suicided like Epstein.

Anyone who voted or votes for socialism in America, understand that this is what you voted for, complete CCP-style tyranny

Under the guise of “national security threats,” the rogue CCP-led US government now wants to arrest and imprison any and every American who questions the narratives (usually false-narratives) about elections, pharma drugs, vaccines, war, food supply, fuel supply, nutrition, fluoridated water, and all the other ways Americans are controlled and poisoned by Big Government tyranny. Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Tom Thune (R-S.D.) have introduced insanely tyrannical legislation called the Restrict Act that is a new Patriot Act on steroids.

It would govern all information and transactions in nearly every realm of communication, technology, and industrialization, including the following:

(A) artificial intelligence and machine learning;

(B) quantum key distribution;

(C) quantum communications;

(D) quantum computing;

(E) post-quantum cryptography;

(F) autonomous systems;

(G) advanced robotics;

(H) biotechnology;

(I) synthetic biology;

(J) computational biology; and

(K) e-commerce technology and services, including any electronic techniques for accomplishing business transactions, online retail, internet-enabled logistics, internet-enabled payment technology, and online marketplaces.

In other words, the RESTRICT ACT allows the government to seize the domain names, assets, computers, e-commerce, etc., of anyone who opposes the government’s position on GMOs, biotech, synthetic bio, and also crypto, quantum encryption, and pretty much everything, utterly without due process. It’s a dream come true for the GMO tyrants who want to silence their opposition. So that in the future, if you post anything CRITICAL of GMOs, they claim you are causing an unacceptable risk to the USA. Unbelievable.

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