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Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don’t know it–and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them


The Biden administration keeps poking the Russian bear about Ukraine. And Russia and China are teamed up together (in spite of some differences in objectives). Therefore, if we wind up confronting Russia over Ukraine, I would expect China to help Russia. And they could do that by cutting off our supply of medicine.

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Professor David Jacobsen is an expert on China. He teaches at the Cox School of Business at the Southern Methodist University. According to Professor Jacobsen, the United States has given China the control of our pharmaceuticals. He said,
“China controls almost 100% of the generic medications that are prescribed in the United States.”1

Outsourced the entire industry to China

Pharmacist Donna Barsky says that people talk about buying drugs from Canada. However, those drugs originate in China and India. She said, “We all get the same products from the same place, it’s just how it’s packaged: and it’s all coming from China.”2

Even the mainstream media is writing about this. NBC wrote an article which has a subheading that is a quote from Brigadier General John Adams, who said, “Basically we’ve outsourced our entire industry to China… That is a strategic vulnerability.”3

That article also says, “The vast majority of key ingredients for drugs that many Americans rely on are manufactured abroad, mostly in China.”

Rosemary Bigson wrote a book about this titled China Rx:  Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine.

She said, “If China shut the door on exports of medicines and their key ingredients and raw material, U.S. hospitals and military hospitals and clinics would cease to function within months, if not days.”4

Rosemary Bigson also said that China could “weaponize our medicines.” That they could put deadly things into our medicines.

You can get her book on Amazon. Here is their description of it.

China “weaponize our medicines

“Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don’t know it—and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them. This is a disturbing, well-researched wake-up call for improving the current system of drug supply and manufacturing. Several decades ago, penicillin, vitamin C, and many other prescription and over-the-counter products were manufactured in the United States. But with the rise of globalization, antibiotics, antidepressants, birth control pills, blood pressure medicines, cancer drugs, among many others are made in China and sold in the United States. China’s biggest impact on the US drug supply is making essential ingredients for thousands of medicines found in American homes and used in hospital intensive care units and operating rooms. The authors convincingly argue that there are at least two major problems with this scenario. First, it is inherently risky for the United States to become dependent on any one country as a source for vital medicines, especially given the uncertainties of geopolitics. For example, if an altercation in the South China Sea causes military personnel to be wounded, doctors may rely upon medicines with essential ingredients made by the adversary. Second, lapses in safety standards and quality control in Chinese manufacturing are a risk. Citing the concerns of FDA officials and insiders within the pharmaceutical industry, the authors document incidents of illness and death caused by contaminated medications that prompted reform. This probing book examines the implications of our reliance on China on the quality and availability of vital medicines.”5

End Notes

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