More People Watch Greg Gutfeld’s Late Night Show On FOX News Than Anything On MSNBC Or CNN

Greg Gutfeld is the new king of late night.

Years ago, Jon Stewart had the top political humor show on TV. Today, Stewart couldn’t get arrested.

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More people are tuning in to Gutfeld’s late night show on FOX News than anything on CNN or MSNBC.

Forbes reports:

More People Are Watching Greg Gutfeld’s Late-Night Show On Fox Than Anything On CNN Or MSNBC

The past week or so could not have offered a more stark reminder of how the center of gravity has shifted in the world of late-night TV comedy.

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There was Jon Stewart, earnestly lobbying for Senate passage of the PACT Act, which pays for veterans’ health care conditions related to toxic burn pits. The former host of The Daily Show, during interviews with Fox, CNN, and even Newsmax, made one impassioned plea after another for lawmakers to pass the bill. Something that millions of cable news viewers watched Stewart do even while fielding questions from the driver’s seat of his car.

Time was, he’d have used the prestige of his old Comedy Central perch to broadcast blistering takedowns of recalcitrant lawmakers. In fact, he actually devoted an episode of his new Apple TV+ show to the effect of those burn pits on veterans, but so few of you probably watched it that even Stewart himself has joked about how niche his new show’s home is.

The just-released cable news ratings for July, meanwhile, make it clear what viewers are watching, instead.

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Where Comedy Central via The Daily Show was once a dominant fixture on the light-night landscape, with Stewart’s biting satire and left-leaning politics ensuring its pop culture prominence, Fox News Channel has arguably taken on that mantle, via its own late-night comedy show Gutfeld!

Watch Greg’s latest monologue below:

Congratulations to Greg and his entire crew.


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