Alive After the Fall

The bible is undeniably a source of hope and inspiration for many individuals. However, it also contains information that has remained a mystery to understand until this point. Many of these riddles are linked to the end of the world, and many theological experts believe that the predicted World War 3 will bring the world to an end. We can all predict what will happen if war breaks out based on the existing military technology displayed by the world’s most powerful nations.


Alive After The Fall is a survival program based on a biblical prophecy that forecasts America’s complete annihilation. Alexander Cain, a theology professor and historian based in Arkansas, wrote this survival guide. According to Alexander Cain, it was surprising that the United States of America, a country with such global clout, was not referenced in the Bible on even a single page. This piqued his attention, prompting him to dig more into ancient history and the Bible, and through long research and study, he discovered that the United States is the biblical Babylon, which would be destroyed one day. So, what is Alive After The Fall, what does it contain, and what are the advantages of using it? An independent review of this program can be found below.