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The Rise of Russia and the End Times | Luke 21 & Ezekiel 38 | Gary Hamrick

The Bible says that Jesus is coming again!  Jesus gives a list of events in Luke 21 to help us recognize certain indicators that we are drawing near to His Return.  Among those things, Jesus says, will be “wars and commotions” and that “nation will rise against nation” and “kingdom against kingdom.”  In the current war between Russia and Ukraine—an unprovoked attack by Russia against a sovereign nation—people have questions about whether this pertains to the End Times.  Ezekiel 38 tells us that Russia will be the predominant player in a military campaign against Israel in the future.  Join Pastor Gary as he shares about “The Rise of Russia and the End Times.”

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00:00 – Welcome
00:42 – Introduction
08:20 – Luke 21:27-28
09:44 – The Increase of Wars
12:24 – Vladimir Putin’s Statement on the statehood of Ukraine
13:49 – Budapest Memorandum
15:35 – Boris Johnson quote
22:33 – The dominant role that Russia plays leading up to the End Times
22:52 – Ezekiel 38
26:59 – Russia & Iran relationship
28:23 – Russian NSC Secretary Nikolai Patrushev quote
32:52 – What is China’s involvement in the End Times?
35:16 – How should Christians respond?
35:55 – 1) The current Russian-Ukrainian war is likely part of the “the birth pains” spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24 and Luke 21
37:47 – 2) Believers will be raptured (taken from the earth) prior to the Tribulation. And since the Russian military campaign of Ezekiel 38 against Israel starts at the beginning of the Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon occurs at the end of the Tribulation, it is likely that Christians will not be here for any of this.
39:32 – 3) When Jesus comes again to end the Battle of Armageddon (Rev 19), He will defeat every foe and crush every enemy that sets itself up against God and the nation of Israel (cf. Ezekiel 38:18-23 and Rev. 16:16-21)
40:26 – 4) In the meantime, we must keep looking toward Heaven because Jesus is coming again!

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