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Mark Finley: End Time Events Just Before the Second Coming of Christ

What are things the Bible foretold would happen just before the second coming of Jesus Christ, and how, as we read and understand the book of Revelation, can we find hope in the midst of the chaotic world?

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Do you feel certain about the future? The truth is that, as we look at the world around us, as we see signs of the end times, we see the rising crime, pandemics, and wars, it’s easy to become anxious and worried about tomorrow. But, there is hope!

The Second Coming of Christ has been preached as near for hundreds of years. Some people call this the rapture. The scriptures reveal that before Jesus comes back there will be signs which increase in frequency and intensity. Bible-believing Christians have divine insight into what is coming upon this world. The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation vividly reveal the final climatic events in earth’s history. Revelation 14 presents heaven’s final message to a rebellious planet brought by three angels flying amidst heaven. In this video you’ll learn about the second coming of Christ and the biblical signs and events that will happen just before Jesus comes back. Watch and listen as Pastor Mark Finley presents this message, part of 13 Bible study series called Three Cosmic Messages.


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