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Ezekiel's Prophecy: End Times True or False Shepherds

Ever wonder why so many have different interpretations of scripture? Ever wanted to know who has the truth and who doesn’t? Today we make this plain to see. A certain prophecy that involves the “shepherds” of YHWH’s (God’s) people is stern and direct, and we discuss it and surrounding pertinent scriptures.

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Part 2: Ezekiel 36: Israel and the End

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Your Identity In Messiah Has Been Hidden

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Pauline Paradox Playlist – What Paul was really teaching (119 Ministries)


Ak – It takes time (opening)

Ak – Our Destination

Kevin Macleoud – Peace of Mind

Pamela Hughes – Desert Dream

All glory to YHWH, creator of Heaven, and Earth and ALL things contained therein, through Yahshua (Jesus Christ)

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We are an online gathering (or church if you prefer) that discusses Salvation through Jesus Christ alone! – Yahshua Ha Mashiach, YHWH, Holy spirit, Holy Ghost, Torah, obedience, The Bible, Heaven, Rapture (harpazo), Exodus, 2nd Exodus, staying occupied, Righteousness, holiness, love, grace, faith, nephilim, Giants, demons, flat earth, enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, other apocrypha, dead sea scrolls, truth, truther topics, 9-11, Israel, Rothchild, Illuminati, Masons, Fake Jews and pretty much any other topics that should be discussed in the pulpits of America but are not.

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