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We are living in a culture that has sensationalized the end times. The book of Revelation is all but a fairytale that is constantly written off as hyperbole. And so many believers have made predictions concerning the second coming of Christ (the end game in the end times), most, now, view the prophetic messages concerning this subject as crying wolf. But none of this changes the reality of what is revealed through the prophetic word of God. To the spiritual mind, all is going according to God’s will.
One of the most important truths that believers must understand in the midst of a world that is so divided in opinions is, the need to grow in the light and knowledge of God. In the video that I made I stressed what the Bible teaches concerning the necessity for believers to develop their spiritual senses through the basic principles in the word (milk), and then grow into maturity. In the Bible this is considered to be perfection. So often, when the end times are discussed, the purpose for the end times is over looked. Likewise, the very meaning of “revelation” itself is the unveiling of God’s eternal children.
My hope is to stir up believers to be less focused on the fear mongering and sensational aspects of eschatology (the studies of end times) and more focused on growing into perfection (maturity) with a mind to fulfill God’s perfect will for our lives personally. For the scriptures are clear concerning the our ignorance when we live in sin and/or fail to apply the word of God in our faith: God shall send strong delusion to those who refuse to have a love for the truth. In other words, there will be many who think themselves to be in right standing with God in the end times, but in all reality, they do not belong to Christ.
This message contains many verses from the book of Revelation that remind us of our calling to grow into Christ in all things in this fallen world.
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