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Derek Walker & Howard Conder Understanding End Time Prophecy. A MUST WATCH World in Focus production

Derek Walker & Howard Conder Understanding End Time Prophecy. A MUST WATCH World in Focus production.

There has never been a more important time in human history than right now to understand the relevance of Biblical Prophecies concerning what we call END TIMES.

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Pastor Derek Walker, a graduate of Oxford University and an accomplished author of many books on such topics as Bible Prophecies that help us to fully comprehend the deep things, for we sincerely believe that it is what God wants mankind to be aware of.

Without being perceived as a prophet of doom, on the contrary, there is GOOD NEWS to also share in that God will usher in His Kingdom very soon where there will be at last an end to all the suffering from wars, famines, crime and even death will be done away with.

Such a scripture as this helped me to have hope when I first read the Bible at the age of twenty-one and still brings great comfort to me and those who also get it!
Blessings, Howard

Welcome to talkGOD…. on this Youtube channel you will find some unique videos where people from various walks of life have very interesting stories to share. They usually have one thing in common and that is that they all have had a revelation as to who the Messiah is, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There will be regular uploads, from short inspirational messages to documentaries… Q & A’s…. Some fun and serious messages and most importantly we hope to bring you messages of HOPE which will demonstrate the LOVE of God for us all and will enable your FAITH to grow, grow and grow.

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