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'Days of Noah': Matthew 24 Study, part 2 / How long is The End Times Tribulation???

Days of Noah: Matthew 24 study: part 1 /
I began a study on Matthew 24 in a Live Facebook show on Saturday April 7, 2018. This video on the Length of the Tribulation is one of my older videos from my old YT channel that was deleted by YT for no reason; may God have mercy on those who attempt to contain His Word and muzzle His Elect that have been Chosen from before the beginning of Creation to teach and preach His Word, and The
Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in these perilous Last Days.

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After 7 years (since 2011), and having posted over 200 videos on Bible History, Prophecy, Doctrine, Current Events, Conspiracies, and Flat Earth, YT / Google deleted my channel without any reason. This was a clear act of Censorship and it left nearly 20,000 subscribers scrambling for teachings that they had come to appreciate and value. I am now backing up all my videos on Vimeo, also on YT, and will upload all to my new website. Please download and save these videos, and also share them on your own channel, and on Facebook, and all over the internet. When one channel is deleted, it should not matter for the information should be found on millions of channels.
My Website: www.PaulSandhu.ca
My Vimeo Channel:
My New You Tube Channel:

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