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The End Times – 2023 AD
The research scholars mentioned that the Year – 2023 AD is the most expected year of the Second Coming of the Jesus Christ and the Massiah (Imamu Mahdi).
Here are some of the excerpts from their website:
“As a human being, a creation of God, you should know about God’s wrath that is about to come on the world. But you don’t know – because you have not sought God to learn “what is to come” (Jn 16). There is a strong chance that time is very short. The idea that no one knows is a lie. Based on the Bible, God’s wrathful judgments – His end-time plagues – could conclude by the year 2023.
The Present to 2016: The Seals
God’s end judgments involve seals, trumpets, and bowls; and the seals come first. If 2023 is correct, God’s seals would start right away. The seals involve the four horses (Rev 6) and will include cataclysmic events such as:
 famine and pestilence  earthquakes and other disasters  economic turmoil and shortages  great spiritual deception and delusion  wars, rumors of wars, and possibly a major nuclear conflict
These horrific seal events are “birth pangs” (Mt 24) that you will see occur more rapidly as time passes. They are from God, not so-called mother nature, and have nothing to do with the Mayan 2012 hoax. When the world doesn’t end in 2012, people will likely be saying “peace and safety,” but be on the alert – destruction is right around the corner…
The major event of this time period is likely a nuclear conflict at the sixth seal. There could be nuclear warfare as never seen before, among prominent nations. The sky will be “split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up,” and people will try to seek shelter in bunkers and caves, hiding in the “mountains” and “rocks” (Rev 6). So great will be the devastation, that people will assume it’s the end of the world – but Armageddon is still years away.
How destructive are God’s seals? By the end of them, a fourth of the world’s population will have died – approximately 1.5 billion people!
2016 to 2023: Trumpets and Bowls
From 2016 to 2023, approximately, God would release His trumpet and bowl plagues. With the first four trumpets/bowls, God will bring destruction and wreak havoc on:
 the earth, grass, and trees,  then on the seas,  then on the rivers, lakes, and springs,  and then on the sun, moon, and stars. People will be overcome with fear because of the calamity happening in the world.
With the last three trumpets/bowls of Revelation, the world will see massive carnage, warfare, and death. Yet people will still refuse to repent. At this time, the “antichrist” will arise and…
 deceive the world for 3½ years  be the leader of a new world empire  be worshiped by the whole world  deceive the whole world with signs and false wonders  and will even claim to be God and Christ.
At the sixth trumpet, a third of the world will die (another 1.5 billion people). Then, at the battle of Armageddon, the “antichrist” and his army will be defeated by the Lord Himself, who will return to earth at the seventh and last trumpet to judge the nations by the sword of His mouth. At the Lord’s coming, He will gather His “few” to Himself. A great number will be judged and destroyed immediately. Many others will be allowed to live on (entering the millennium) and have a further chance to seek God.
You have been warned
There is a strong chance that the 2023 scenario is correct. Even if it isn’t, God’s wrathful judgment is coming, and God is making judgments about people right now.
“Behold, I have told you in advance.” (Matt. 24:25)
If you have any care about God at all, or about other people at all, or for your own soul, you should be concerned with what’s coming. Many, many people, possibly, are about to die (earthly, first death). What’s worse, during all of this earthly death, billions of people will be killed spiritually by the utterly worthless teachings of men’s synagogues, temples, and religions.
In Scripture, God never says to go to synagogue, or religion to find Him. Instead, God calls people to Himself, to be taught by Him alone. Therefore, in the midst of all this calamity, God will be trying to get people to repent and go to Him. He wants people to seek Him to understand the end, be alert in the face of it, and respond properly. He must be your One Teacher. If He has not opened His Book to you, what makes you think He will open His kingdom to you? If you do not know the Word of God, you do not know Him. He is the Word of God. That is His Name.”
Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB), which this site would recommend, along with the King James Version (KJV).”
You may download – 2023 Timeline from their website if interested.

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