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54-0307A – The End Time – William Branham

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54-0307A – The End Time – William Branham

« E-34 † So if we look around today, and think of how the world is in its condition today… What a great bunch of confusion and a great bunch of–of nonsense that the world is indulging in today. We wonder where all this come from, especially in the church life.
Being that we’re a Christian, we’ll deal mostly on that, of how could there be so many people with so many different ideas, so many different thoughts, so many different angles of approach to the Gospel: Everyone claiming they’re perfectly right and the next fellow’s wrong. When you see someone doing that, then you’re pretty well on the line that… The Bible said, “He that thinks he knows something, he knows nothing that he ought to know.”
Now, I was just thinking of this great day, and a day of wickedness, perilous times, and men’s hearts failing, all that the Scriptures spoke of… We are living to see the end time.

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« E-35 † I want you to go with me a little piece, some of you people, go back. Some of you elderly people setting here up to forty years old, pass back with me for the next twentyish years back. And look how fast that progress has come, how much faster things are developing in the last twenty years than it did the previous twenty years. Watch how much faster them twenty years did the second block of twenty than when the third block of twenty.
And did you know only to about a hundred and fifty years ago or less time, that man was just as almost as primitive as in the beginning, two thousand years ago? Did you notice how things are traveling so fast? We start like on this end…

« E-36 † Here’s the way time started. At the first six thousand years of life, we moved just like this. And we never changed a bit until we got on up in the last hundred years and we’re just speeding like that. Why? We got the same man with the same mental faculties.
Every scientific thing that ever was on the earth back there, was back there: the same things they’re making use of today. The same man with the same brain, back there… He had the same brain that he’s got now.
But all at once, something happened, didn’t it? How could we say that this world could stand much longer? This world could never survive an atomic war. It could never survive a hydrogen bomb war.

« E-37 † They can explode one in Reno or somewhere out in Nevada, burst up a little grenade, like that. But what when this wicked enemy we got will break one here, and one there, and those chains of relays will get together, then what will happen? Let the war start.
Then I heard on the radio the other day that the biggest part of scientists of the world, give the world ten years to total annihilation. That’s not Scripturally speaking; that’s scientifically speaking: Ten years for total annihilation. That won’t contradict the Bible, just what the Bible said. The heavens and the earth will be on fire. Just sweep over these deserts and everything. There will be nothing left.

« E-38 † Then where’s your soul going to be at that time, men and women? Remember five hundred years from tonight, your tombstone may blow over right here on the desert somewhere which is way yonder, howling winds blowing against it. Your tombstone’s there, but where’s your soul? Now is the time to think about things.
We’re living in a day when there’s all kinds of cults and things raised that’s raised up. That was foreseen and predicted by the prophet and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Now, for a few moments, let’s settle down, put your heart open before God, and say, “God, feed me now.” I do the same thing.
If you want to know, there’s nothing on earth now but what begin in the beginning. There’s no new things before God.

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