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Why Israel's Messiah Is The FALSE Prophet Will Blow Your Mind!

The past decade has been fraught with a lot of unrest. Natural disasters, pandemics, and growing signs of war keep insinuating the fact that the end times are upon us. Historically, it’s not uncommon for people to seek a deeper meaning to these events or cling even tighter to religious accounts for an understanding of these trying times.

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In light of this, there’s been information on the internet recently, about a young rabbi who some claim has been appointed and accepted as the new messiah by the older rabbis and the orthodox Jewish society in Israel. He has even been tagged as a Messiah by throngs of religious people.

However, his every move has also sparked a lot of controversies and in this video, we will look at religious texts that will reveal shocking truths that show why he might be a False prophet!

The young rabbi in question is named Shlomo Yehudah Be’eri and he has been honored with the title Yanuka in relation to his mastery of the religious texts. Theologically, the idea of the son of God, personified in the persona of a kid or youngster, is closely related to the zoharic Yanuka figure. So because Yehudah was able to recite by heart the Torah and other sacred Jewish religious texts from an early age, he was likely supposed to invoke the figure of Jesus in various ways given the discursive and symbolic contexts in which the Yanuka functions.

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