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The eleventh rule:
God is not the creator of chaos, but of peace! The apostle Paul often visited the churches of the Jews. He testifies that all the churches
That is why the apostle Paul writes that if all things are done with modesty and integrity. Verse 40) Worship should always be done with seriousness, modesty, reverence and respect for God, obedience and humility. God’s name is not glorified by improper movements and movements in worship, but mockery. Some say that if you pray in your heart, it will not be accepted. That’s why I want to do it out loud. Hanna prayed heartily and was heard, it is written “when she was praying to God.” So Ali was looking at his mouth carefully. And mouth to heart was saying in her heart, her lips met, but her voice was not heard. (Samuel 1:13). God knows the hearts and He also listens to silent prayers. They are idolatrous people and egoists who pray from morning till noon. Then they began to cry loudly and then pierced their feet with knives and spears. Even became bloody. Yet their Baal heard their prayers because he was just an idol. (1- Kings 28:18) But our Lord lived. His ears are always listening to our prayers. Some people do not recognize change, so they do not feel change in parties. Is the abtri swollen? Atri means principled, lawless, whatever one wants to do. The wrong food for freedom is arbitrariness and arbitrariness. When in worship someone is singing, someone is praying. A work is being told, someone is speaking a foreign language, someone is praising and praising and everyone is speaking in such a loud voice that no one understands who is saying what. So it has landed. It does not believe..

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