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They're Not Even TRYING to Hide It Anymore…

“Are we ready for a new world order?” That was the question posed by Becky Anderson at the 2022 World Government Summit in Dubai. Political leaders and advisers exchanged their thoughts about establishing a New World Order and the nature of such a thing. Cryptocurrency was discussed, as well. Sovereign nations may introduce their own form of digital currency to be able to track all financial transactions. This sounds like something straight from the book of Revelation!

The book of Revelation tells us there will come a time when people can’t buy or sell, and that will only be possible if all currency becomes digital. Revelation also predicts that an alliance will be formed between the Dragon, the Beast, and the false prophet; and the kings of the world will unite with them for the battle of Armageddon. This is the true New World Order to come! Watch this video to learn more.

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