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The Most Damaging Myths About the Antichrist | Bible Prophecy, End times, Revelation, Tribulation

Let’s look at five of the more damaging myths about the Antichrist, and which one is the worst.

Earlier this week I had a poll on my channel about the most damaging myths about the Antichrist, and I want to spend a few moments talking about the results so far. (full transcript at:

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0:00 Intro music
0:33 Recent poll about myths
0:58 Myth: The Antichrist will be loved
1:36 Myth: The Antichrist will be gay
2:09 Myth: The Antichrist gives the Mark
2:44 Myth: The Antichrist will be Assyrian or Muslim
3:19 Myth: The Antichrist will be clearly anti-christian
4:12 The Antichrist will seem to be a force for good
5:08 The Antichrist, the flag, and the cross
6:30 What the Antichrist REALLY wants
6:51 Thank you for watching

My channel covers current events and bible prophecy, especially as they relate to the Antichrist. The bible gives us specific descriptions of this Man of Sin, and each and every one of those descriptions points directly at Donald J. Trump.

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