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Open Bible Baptist Church is a King James Bible Believing Church in Sydney, Australia. We still sing the old fashioned hymns and have sound preaching from the Bible!

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Date: 17/03/2023


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About us:
Our church began in Sydney in 2001 after a group of saved Bible believing baptists came together with a common desire to have a church which truly believed and taught the King James 1611 Bible is the word of God. This is because they grew weary of being in churches which just used the KJV and claimed they believed it only to have the pastors and teachers claim later it had errors and contradictions.

The group then sought out a pastor and meeting place. In a short time God provided both! The group contacted and visited Pastor John Wheat in Queanbeyan NSW who believed the Bible and had started a Bible believing Baptist church there. After this group of believers shared their heart and vision, God called Pastor John Wheat to Sydney to help establish the church there. Pastor Wheat turned the church in Queanbeyan over to a young man he had trained in the ministry and moved to Sydney where Open Bible Baptist Church was formed. God called Pastor Wheat home to heaven after pastoring the church for 10 years.

Pastor Jason Young was saved at the age of 15 and called to preach at 17. He surrendered to go to Bible school shortly afterwards and attended and graduated from Pensacola Bible Institute. Upon graduating God dealt with his heart about going to the mission field. In 2006 he came to Australia to visit and help out on the mission field. While he was there God confirmed in his heart the call to Australia. After ministering in Australia for 8 years God called him to be our Pastor in 2014.

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