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to get access to weekly video releases over the next year totaling 50+ EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS that feature weekly in-depth Bible Study lessons with John & Bonnie. Clips are taken at just one of the places where we are taking our virtual journey through all the Lands of the Bible & Great Museums of the Bible on the Paul’s Life & Letters Course. Plus all the assigned HOLY LAND, Paul’s Life & Letters Course STUDY RESOURCES, and John’s two most loved books–David’s Spiritual Secret & Living Hope for the End of Days.

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The Seven Huge Benefits of Joining our Study Tour of the Lands of the Book:

1. START WEEKLY FOCUSED GROWTH: We want to cover one of the 52 sites, each week with you. We will help you locate where we are going in your Bible, then on a map, as well as in the Chronological flow of either the Life of Christ & the Apostles, the Life of David & the Prophets, or the Life of the Patriarchs. This regular contact builds the motivation to stay in the Word, stay on track to make life applications from our readings, and ask God each week to change us.

2. DO LIFE-TRANSFORMING DEVOTIONALS: Usefulness to God comes by sanctification, sanctification comes by God’s Word, and this virtual study tour is WORD-BASED. We will explain how you take an hour each week to read the passages associated with that site. Mark the PLACE/SITE we are visiting in the margin of your Bible. Then do a prescribed DEVOTIONAL journaled study of that site. Then you watch a video of me explaining and applying the spiritual implications of this lace we are visiting this week.

3. SEE ALL 260+ EVENTS OF CHRIST’S LIFE: As we visit sites in the Holy Land, we track through the 89 chapters of the Four Gospels using a chart that puts each event in chronological order. You will get to finally see how all the events in each Gospel account fit together to make the Life of Christ into a beautiful and complete picture as never before. Of the sites, we will visit, 70% of them reflect directly on the Life of Christ & the Apostles of the Early Church. So, we will cover what is usually a Seminary level Life of Christ course looking at the 250+ events in the Life of Christ and seeing the big picture of His ministry, His Seven Sign miracles, and the revelation of His seven great “I AM” names in the Gospels.

4. UNDERSTAND BIBLICAL PROPHECY: Would you like to really UNDERSTAND End Times Prophecies and God’s plans for Earth? Did you know that the vast majority of the OT prophecies of the TRIBULATION, SECOND COMING & MILLENNIUM are CENTERED on Israel and most of all on JERUSALEM? Did you know that Revelation chapters 7, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20-22 all focus on the Land of Israel? We will see, study, and apply the greatest prophetic classroom in existence—the Land of Israel.

5. EXPERIENCE FAITH-BUILDING CHAPTERS: There are seven reasons you can trust the Bible and all of them are POWERFULLY illustrated in the Land of the Book. So many times, over the years I have seen folks on our tours when it finally struck them—THE BIBLE IS TRUE. This all really happened, and I am seeing with my own eyes the reality of the BOOK I CAN TRUST–God’s Word. We will see those seven reasons in– Christ’s belief in the Bible, His apostles’ complete trust in God’s Word, the fulfilled prophecies, the scientific accuracy & archaeological verification, the unified message of the Bible, and the incredible endurance of God’s Word and His Chosen people.

6. GRASP A THEOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK: The Context of all my Bible Teaching and Q&A’s is that my answers are based on a framework of being: 1). Evangelical (must be saved by calling personally on the Lord, not by association but by the reception of Christ); 2). Inerrantist (trust the Scriptures that Jesus believed and affirmed every word, person, and event); 3). Cessationist (Revelation of Scripture ended God does not tell people inspired, inerrant things anymore); 4). Imputationist (Christ alone, not a church or experience or administered sacrament); 5). Creationist (God wrote with His own finger in stone (Ex 20:8-11) that He framed everything from nothing in six literal solar days) God made everything perfect in the Universe, then allowed some to fall into sin. 6). Catastrophist (Noah’s Flood); God flooded the surface of the Earth and killed all air-breathing animals and people that were not in His Ark of Safety built by Noah. 7). Maximalist (every historic, prophetic & scientific statement is true); 8). Dispensationalist (Israel is not the Church, God has unbreakable plans for both).

7. GET A BIBLICAL PANORAMA OF HISTORY: Finally, you will see how the people and events in the Bible actually fit squarely within a scientific and historical Chronology. All of a sudden the history of the world will make sense and so will God’s plan for the future—and for YOUR life!


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