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Message of Mary EVERYTHING WILL FULFILL QUICKLY Trevignano Romano Gisella Cardia End Times

Message of Mary EVERYTHING WILL FULFILL QUICKLY Trevignano Romano Gisella Cardia End Times

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End Times –

Private revelation is an authentic revelation (through word) addressed to the individual, which, however, does not impose on all the direct obligation of faith (and which is not communicated by God to the Magisterium of the Church for guardianship and public announcement). [YC 10]

Such mystical revelation to the individual for the guidance of his life and for his salvation is entirely possible; respecting it may be an obvious duty of faith for that individual. To recognize such a revelation as authentic requires compliance with the ecclesiastical revelation (general revelation in Jesus Christ). Also, such an authentic private revelation, taking place in the depths of conscience, may be deformed or misinterpreted by man; exaltation and fanaticism are often the source of delusions which are subjective, sudden manifestations of the subconscious and which are misinterpreted as private revelation.
Authentic private revelations can also form the basis of an individual’s prophetic mission to the Church, but that does not mean that they can be regarded as an improvement or even a supplement to the final revelation in Jesus Christ – it is absolutely not possible; they can only inspire the Church to act adapted to the ever-changing situation, but always in accordance with the one and unchanging Gospel.

K. Rahner, H. Vorgrimler, Small Theological Dictionary.

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Message of Mary EVERYTHING WILL FULFILL QUICKLY Trevignano Romano Gisella Cardia End Times

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