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Mercy and Grace, the Difference | Q And A with Pastor Robert Furrow

Truth Quest Podcast (Episode 134) Join us for our Q&A, where you can ask Pastor Robert Furrow from Calvary Chapel Tucson questions from his latest message or about Prophecy, the Bible, or the Christian life. Type your questions in the Comment section, add the word “Question” or “Q,” and we will get to them. Thank you!

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0:00 Mercy and grace, the difference
6:25 Reformed Baptist – We agree on essentials. Please advise.
12:21 Harpazo – That’s the rapture word, yeah?
18:30 Shroud is one long piece, how does John 20:5, 7 affect its authenticity?
25:48 Did Pharaoh drown with his army as well or was it just his army – Exodus 15:19?
28:50 Do you find that often our greatest spiritual gifts can also be areas of great struggle?
30:30 People tell me I should do grief counseling. I hesitate to do it but want to hear your thoughts.
37:41 Follow up Psalm 136:15
40:15 Is the division in church teaching the cause of the great deception in 2 Thessalonians 2:9?
47:26 The church is having a membership class tomorrow. Iā€™m going so I can learn more about it.
48:52 Can you be a smoker and be saved?
52:14 Could you invite pastor Brandon Holthaus to come out and speak to the church about our culture and last days prophecy?

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