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Mathematically speaking, Bible prophecy cannot possibly be coincidence! #shorts

The Bible contains 3268 prophetic statements that have already been fulfilled. Is it possible that people, spread over a period of 1500 years, can make so many precise predictions? Have they been fulfilled in this way by chance? Imagine an anthill in which there is a single red ant among the black ants. The larger the considered heap becomes, the smaller is the probability to pick out the one red ant by chance.
The question now is: At which number of ants is it equally probable to pick out the one red one by chance and to bring 3268 prophecies to fulfillment by chance? (Assumptions: All prophecies are equally likely at 50%, independence of statements, no duplicates). Is a bathtub full of ants enough, or does the whole earth have to be covered with ants 10 meters thick? The correct solution is not two, three or a hundred universes, but 10 to the power of 896. What does such an immense number express? The true author of the Bible is the omniscient and omnipotent God

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