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Mark Hitchcock DENIES the role of the United States in Bible prophecy!

Dr. Mark Hitchcock adheres to the false Eschatological system known as Dispensational Futurism. This Futurist system has no room for the United States’ role in the End Times. Therefore, they say that the United States must eventually fall from its position of Global Dominance in order to make way for a “revived Roman Empire” (false), and a “ten nation conglomeration of European nations” (false).

These folks misread and misinterpret God’s Prophetic Word. Their whole system is dependent upon a bunch of false assertions concerning Dan. 9:24-27 (which has nothing to do with the Antichrist, and has everything to do with Jesus Christ, as it is a Messianic Prophecy), and the idea that the Antichrist will only reign for 3.5 literal years, and only after a mythical Pre-Tribulation Rapture (another false doctrine).

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However, the Reformation and post-Reformation writers knew the truth about the 1,260 days/42 months/’time, times, half a time,’ and that this prophecy (given 7 TIMES in Scripture!) actually refers to 1,260 LITERAL YEARS! And they knew the truth about the proper identity of the Antichrist. Why are professing Bible-believing Christians so blind to this today? Can someone say, ‘strong delusion’?

This abandonment of the Reformation (by both Futurists AND Preterists) is something to be lamented by Christ’s church. However, if we are to be ‘watchers on the wall,’ we need to expose the false teachings of Bible prophecy in these Last Days (Futurism and Preterism) in order to understand what’s really going on in the corrupt/sinful world in which we currently live.

Hope this is helpful and edifying.

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*Soli Deo Gloria*

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