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Joel Rosenberg: Is There A Purpose To Bible Prophecy? Pt. 2

What is the Power and Purpose of Bible Prophecy Part 2
In Part 2 of their conversation on Bible prophecy, Joel C. Rosenberg and co-host Dr. Carl Moeller underscore the benefit of all Scripture for believers and discuss how false teachers or last days lunatics are distorting such a valuable portion of the Bible.

Rosenberg also gives the seven-fold purpose of biblical prophecy, proving how profitable it is for Christians outside of the typical emphasis on end times events.

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Rediscovering the Purpose and Power of Bible Prophecy by Joel C. Rosenberg:

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Founded in 2006 by Joel and Lynn Rosenberg, The Joshua Fund exists to mobilize Christians to “bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus,” according to Genesis 12:1-3. This is done via four main modes: Equip The Global Church, Serve The Needy, Teach The Word Of God, & Encourage Pastors.

To partner with The Joshua Fund, you can make a tax-deductible donation here:

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