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Israel in the last days(prophetic) Derek Prince PART 2

“Israel in the Last Days Part 2 – Unveiling Biblical Prophecy” Join us for a captivating Bible teaching session with the renowned Derek Prince as he delves into the intricate topic of “Israel in the Last Days.” In this enlightening discussion, Derek Prince unravels the mysteries of Bible prophecy concerning the end of the age, emphasizing the significance of distinguishing the revealed truths from the secret things.

In this video, Derek Prince clearly defines who Israel is according to the Bible – the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, known as the nation named after their forefather, Jacob, who became Israel. He reveals the divine choices God made in selecting the lineage of Israel, emphasizing the importance of precision in our understanding.

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One of the unique features of Israel, as Derek Prince points out, is that their entire history was foretold in the prophecies of the Bible before these events took place. He provides a list of sixteen specific predictions made about Israel in the prophecies of the Bible, including their enslavement in Egypt, their deliverance with wealth, possession of the land of Canaan, turning to idolatry, establishment of worship in Jerusalem, captivities into Assyria and Babylon, destruction of the first and second temples, regathering from Babylon, scattering among all nations, persecution, regathering from all nations, and more. Derek Prince emphasizes that 81% of these predictions have already been fulfilled, making it reasonable to expect the remaining 19% will also be fulfilled.

Furthermore, Derek Prince examines passages from Hosea and Ezekiel, which predict the end-time regathering of Israel in their own land. These passages describe God’s judgment on Israel, their dispersion, regathering, and successive stages of return. These prophecies offer compelling evidence of God’s faithfulness to His covenant with Israel.

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