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This video is Short but powerful God quotes are there which can potentially change your life.
Short powerful God quotes helps you to keep believing in God and his pray,
Trust God quotes, it will definitely work in favor of you,
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Here in this video, you all find powerful god quotes, God motivation quotes in English.
This is the god’s message today video in which god’s message is there and it helps people to have faith in god message,
because god is our creator and he will help you in your life, this god’s message today contains very urgent message from god, god says this is very urgent for my lovely child.

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Dear friends in this video you will find short god quotes,
Daily inspirational message from god which may help you in your mind as well as your financial life, god quotes on life may have very positive results if you follow them daily, most people get the result and also share in the comment box,
God says quotes- believe in them, it really works.
You’ve been “blessed to be a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2) Pay it forward!
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