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Fulfilling Bible Prophecy Uniting Jews and Gentiles

Did you know that you have impacted the world like never before?

Something very significant has happened in our mission to unite Jews and Gentiles and it is because you have blessed Israel through our various outreaches.

This past month when Pastor Larry received a lifetime achievement award from Israel, it was a moment of crossing over to a new and deeper connection to the Jewish people.

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This award has never been given out to any other Gentile in history!!!

This award is not just recognizing Pastor Larry but it is a symbol of how your giving has united Jews and Gentiles around the world!

It is because of your prayers and support that together we are repairing a broken world! This is not a small achievement, it is truly the fulfillment of bible prophecy!

We so love and appreciate you and we are so excited as we move into this new year what impact we will continue to make!

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