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Ep 158 | 2 Samuel; 1 Kings 1-11, Come Follow Me (June 20-26)

Show Notes:
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00:26 – A brief overview of these chapters.
02:52 – Israel anoints David as king.
06:59 – Uzzah is smitten for steadying the Ark.
11:37 – David acts as both king and priest in his return to Jerusalem. He wears the ephod and offers sacrifice.
14:05 – David obtains the threshing floor, where the Ark will rest. The threshing floor can be seen as the foundation stone, the heart of the Holy of Holies and a symbol of Jesus Christ as Savior of the world.
16:18 – David desires to build a temple for the Lord. Nathan prophesies that the House of David will continue forever. This prophecy finds fulfillment in Jesus Christ.
22:48 – David is not to build the temple, but his son Solomon will built it. David’s military expansion and execution of judgment and justice for Israel demonstrates the Lord is with him.
24:05 – David stays in Jerusalem instead of going to war with his troops. He lies with Bathsheba and then tries to cover his sin by arranging for the death of her husband, Uriah. Reading this story through the lens of the honor culture in the ancient Near East.
28:08 – David’s fall helps us see the lines of defense we can put in place to prevent us from breaking the law of chastity.
37:00 – Nathan pitches a legal case to David where a wealthy man steals a poor man’s little lamb. Nathan says, “Thou art the man!” He prophesies chaos in the House of David as a consequence of his choices.
40:46 – David’s son Amnon takes his sister Tamar by force. Tamar’s other brother Absalom kills Amnon in revenge. Absalom rebels against his father David and declares himself the king. David’s general Joab slays Absalom.
50:31 – In the Book of Mormon, Jacob rebukes those who excuse themselves in committing sins like David and Solomon. Their immoral transgressions broke the hearts of their wives. Their children lost confidence because of their bad examples.
53:38 – The last four chapters of 2 Samuel are an appendix containing diverse materials arranged in a chiastic order.
57:55 – Solomon becomes the king. He asks the Lord for a wise and understanding heart.
1:00:51 – Two mothers contend over a baby and Solomon determines who the true mother is. His wisdom and understanding exceed that of all men, but then Solomon begins to worships false gods. Our strengths can also be our downfall.
1:06:33 – The First Israelite Temple is built by Solomon. We can find increased divine assistance when we attend the temple and partner with the Lord.
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