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Daniel 7:13-14

The book of Daniel is full of so much meaningful Bible prophecy. These verses make a powerful reference to the “Son of Man,” a term which Jesus Christ later applies to Himself. If you don’t pay careful attention, you might miss it: Jesus is the one who is being spoken of in this verse. He came humbly initially, as tiny little baby, and was later crucified for the sins of the world; the next time, He will come as a powerful military leader ready to judge the world of sin.

This is nearly a five minute video, and might take several watches before the verses get fully memorized.

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Many thanks to the extremely talented Australian composer, Scott Buckley, who freely provided the soundtrack which was selected for use in this video. More of his epic soundtracks can be found on his website,

Special thanks also to the following individuals for the videos & images provided freely via

Frank Cone (“Lightning Strikes”)

Faycol Bogonko (“Time Lapse Video of Milky Way”)

Felix Mittermeier (“Video of Clouds”)

Miguel A. Padrinan (“White Clouds on the Blue Sky”)

Mikhail Nilov (“Sea of Clouds and Mountains During Golden Hour”)

Dmitry Varrennikov (“Camper’s View of the Sky, from Dusk Until Dawn” & “A Time Lapse of a Night Sky”) and

Pressmaster (“Video Footage of Flying Above and Over the Clouds”).

Imagery provided via Vimeo: “Time Lapse Video of Milky Way Galaxy.”

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