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Daily Bible Verse Commentary – 1 Corinthians 15:43

This Daily Bible Verse Commentary Writing for The Book of
1 Corinthians 15-43
is from Pastor Charlie Garrett of
The Superior Word Community
Fellowship Assembly Church
displayed in video format for
your reading pleasure. Please enjoy!

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...article continued below

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Beautiful songs throughout are from
the YouTube Audio Library.
Here is a list of song titles and contributing artists:
Breeze by Delicate Steve
Eternal Garden & Nebular Focus by Dan Henig
Hero’s Ascent by Chris Haugen
Highway One by Steve Adams
Liquid Time by Aakash Gandhi
Orient by SefChol
Past Life by JVNA
Snap, Snap Turtles & lyrics by Sergio Voitenko
End quote by Rhoda Voitenko
Soul Searching by Causmic
Tea for Tat by Verified Picasso
The Rising by Aakash Gandhi
Til Death Parts Us by Aakash Gandhi
Timeless by Lauren Duski
Wind Riders by Asher Fulero
May the Lord bless you all for freely contributing
your wonderful work!

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