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BREAKING NEWS 2023: These 3 HUGE Prophetic Events in Israel Shocked The World

Jerusalem maintains a significant role in the knowledge of the spiritual periods and seasons around the globe in the Christian religion. Additionally, one thing that both religion and science can agree on is that the Earth will not be around forever. Therefore, there is a conclusion to everything, and just lately in Israel, three prophetic occurrences have just taken place that reveals that we are living in the very last days of the world. So, what exactly are these happenings? Keep watching this video as we go into detail about them!

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In the book of Luke, (chapter 21, verse 36), the Bible instructs us to constantly be on the alert and pray so that we might escape all that is going to happen and be able to stand before the son of God. And as more time passes, there is an increase in stress and anxiety since all of the world’s faiths are well aware that we may be living in what is often referred to as the final days.

And for the benefit of those who are unaware, the end days have been described in prophecy as being among the most difficult, with an exceptionally high number of calamities and anarchy. Thus, as we speak, three very significant events that have been prophesied about from the ages regarding the end times and the coming of the Messiah have taken place in Israel.

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