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Bible Verses Commentary: Real Life Applications | The Devil Reveals How He Tricked

Bible Verses Commentary: Real Life Applications | The Devil Reveals How He Tricked

Jesus Christ is God’s son. The devil is God’s enemy. The Bible is God’s Word. This video shows Christians how satan deceives God’s children thru greed, hatred, arrogance, and other ways. Many Christian churches miss very clear signs. The Bible gives crystal clear information that people choose to ignore, to their own peril. Christians needs to read the Bible daily and open their eyes. They must put Jesus first, not the teachings from their pastors or parents. Don’t let the devil keep fooling you. A day is coming when the Books will be opened and we will ALL give an account for everything we said and did. He gave us the Bible. Read it!

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Do you really want to stand before HIM and try to argue that someone else led you astray with false teachings? You only know you are being deceived when you read it for yourself. Also, research reputable sources. Billy Graham preached Jesus had brown skin. Rabbi Ishmael, a great sage of the Mishna/Talmud (central text of rabbinical Judaism) said, “the children of Israel, for whom I atone, are neither black nor white but of an intermediate skin tone, like boxwood.” He lived not long after Jesus was crucified. The Hebrew of Hebrews, the Apostle Paul (true name Sha’ul) looked like an ancient Egyptian (Acts 21:38). We have self-portraits/wall art/carvings of ancient Egyptians in museums and books around the world. Exodus 2 said Moses (Moshe) looked like an Egyptian and Numbers 12 says his wife was Ethiopian. Why do Christians refuse to believe the Bible and chose to believe man? There is no mistaking that they were brown, so how is it that people, preachers included, bypass the brownness of many Bible characters in favor of the world’s favor? That is disrespectful to God’s sovereignty!
Isaiah 11 says in the end, God will reach forth His hand and reclaim the remnant of His people from 3 regions of Africa, Iraq, Iran and other places. God’s chosen people were scattered all over the world, and many were and are still deep brown in color. Race is a huge tool OUR COLLECTIVE enemy uses to try to divide us. We don’t have to let God’s enemy cast his spell on us. We should follow God’s word and love EVERYONE. We ARE brothers and sisters.

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