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America In Bible Prophecy: Who Are The Two Beast of Revelation 13?| Two Beasts Become Friends

Since identities of the two beasts in Revelation 13 are a matter of life and death with eternal consequences, it is vital that we understand who these powers are. This exposé of Revelation 13 explains how the beast of the sea and the beast of the earth become friends, culminating in a new system of worship which honors the first beast. Giving clear evidence about the identities and objectives of these political powers, this presentation includes a look at the USA in Bible prophecy and the importance of church and state separation.

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Revelation 11 Intro [4:35] Year-Day Principle [8:46] 1260 Year Prophecy [10:57] 1798 Mortal Wound [13:08] Two Witnesses [16:55] What Happens to the Witnesses? [28:00] A New Standard [39:08] Persecution [47:06] Jacobin [53:43] Papacy Reinstated [54:35] Identifying the Beast [59:48] Secret Societies [1:01:45] A New Belief System [1:12:53] Where Is Jesus Now? [1:16:18]

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