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24 Hours Ago: The Anti-Christ Finally REVEALED!!

The rise of the Antichrist. A Biblical End-Time Sign.

The Antichrist is a figure that is mentioned in the Bible multiple times throughout both the New and Old Testament. But who is the Antichrist? Are they yet among us?
All these questions will be answered by the end of this video, using the Bible as point of reference.

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In the Bible, the Antichrist is often described as a powerful and evil figure that will appear before the end of the world and before Rapture. They will oppose God and the faithful. The Antichrist first appears in the New Testament, in the First Epistle of John. In this letter, John warns against the coming of the Antichrist, a figure who will oppose and mislead the faithful. The keyword is mislead. He states that the Antichrist will come in the form of a man and will have the power to perform signs and wonders. He also said that the Antichrist will be supported by a powerful kingdom. That kingdom will lead many people astray. In the Old Testament, the Antichrist is referred to as the “little horn”, and is said to be a king who will come to power and set himself up against God.

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