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12 MINUTES AGO! Ark Of The Covenant Unearthed By Archaeologists

Today, we’ll explore one of history’s greatest mysteries: the Lost Ark of the Covenant. People have been looking for this sacred relic, which is supposed to contain the Ten Commandments that God Himself gave to Moses, for thousands of years. Historians, archaeologists, and treasure hunters are perplexed by its disappearance. Join us as we investigate the intriguing past and enigma surrounding the Lost Ark of the Covenant.

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Being the most beloved object of Israelite worship and having a special place in both Christianity and Judaism is the narrative of the Ark of the Covenant. It was a lavish wooden box with a gold overlay that was kept in the most sacred area of the Tabernacle of the Ancient Temple of Jerusalem. On the Day of Atonement, the Box was only accessible to the High Priest of the Children of Israel. The biblical story in Exodus 25 TO 10 describes Moses receiving the order from God Almighty to construct an ark out of acacia wood. This is where the Ark got its start. This is where the Ark got its start. Gaunt wanted this to be one of the tables in the law or the Ten Commandments he was about to give Moses would be placed.

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