Panic Sweeps Across Supermarkets as Desperate Hoarding of Basic Supplies Leave Stores Empty via Epic Economist | Prophecy

Waves of desperation are emerging in every corner of the United States. Americans are now realizing that supply chain issues, delivery delays, and extensive shortages are here to stay. That’s why basic supplies have been flying off the shelves at a shocking speed in recent weeks. People have started hoarding everyday essentials in anticipation of more shipping disruptions and price hikes after industry executives warned about the real chances of widespread grocery shortages and even higher consumer prices hitting U.S. stores this summer. Millions may be left scrambling to find enough supplies at their local supermarkets in the coming weeks and months as ports brace for record congestion ahead of the peak shipping season. A new panic buying frenzy is erupting across the country, and we have a lot to discuss in today’s video. After contending with two years of empty shelves, Americans are getting fed up with so many shortages of everyday essentials, and they’ve been preparing for the challenges that are coming next. In recent weeks, grocery store shelves have started to be wiped clean by desperate U.S. consumers who are tired of struggling to get the products they want and need. But shelves are staying empty as retailers, big and small, can’t restock their inventories fast enough to meet the growing demand. In several parts of the nation, household staples, such as milk, bread, meat, canned soups, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies are becoming incredibly hard to find. In a recent interview with FoxNews, some consumers expressed their growing frustration with the seemingly endless supply chain nightmare. 

“Honestly, it looks like March of 2020, when everybody was panic-buying and the shelves were bare,” one man shopping at a Walmart store in Oklahoma city said. “One week, you find the food you’re looking for, the brands you’re looking for, and the next week, they’re nowhere to be found,” said a woman named Cathy shopping at a Giant grocery store. “Everything, meat, egg, dairy, certain breads are out of stock, as well as most vegetables, and fresh items,” she added.  “To ensure we don’t have any shortages in our pantry, we’re having to purchase as much as possible and as often as possible,” she revealed. According to Carol Mathews, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Florida, U.S. consumers’ trust and sense of security have been repeatedly broken over the past two years, that’s why waves of panic-buying are likely to accelerate when shortages start becoming more widespread. “In the face of uncertainty, panic-buying is a natural response,” Mathews argues.  “We have seen lockdowns for weeks and months on end, supply-chain disruptions, price gouging, and the feeling of never having enough, never being truly prepared, which is the unfortunate truth in the matter,” she explains.

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Right now, the sudden rush to hoard food and other basic supplies continues to intensify and it is leaving store shelves even emptier right as the busiest shipping season begins. At this point, even Joe Biden has publicly admitted that the coming food shortages are “going to be real”, and the head of the UN World Food Program is saying that we could soon see “hell on Earth” because of the lack of food will be so severe. Conditions are going to deteriorate a whole lot more in the months ahead. We’re being told to expect even more chaos in the second half of this year.  Some are already getting ready. The important question is: do YOU have a plan?

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